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Buddha Doodles 2021 Weekly Planner {Pre-Order}

Estimated shipping: First week of December

178 pages
Includes never-before-seen art.

This is a special limited-edition spiral wire bound Buddha Doodles product available for pre-order.

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Today’s Doodle

2021 Buddha Doodles Page-A-Day Calendar

Buddha Doodles: The Game

The Buddha Doodles game is a mindful playing experience for two or more people with three different play modes. You can mix and match quotes, come up with your own, or simply delight in the words and pictures.

If you love the Deck of Cards, you’ll love the Buddha Doodles Game!

We made a video showing how to play the three different game modes:

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Hey, I'm Molly :)

Hey, I'm Molly 🙂

I started Buddha Doodles in 2011 as a personal side project and have been cartooning professionally and sharing my work on the web since 2001,

Thanks to the internet, the doodles have found their way into the hearts of so many around the world. I am grateful for this miracle, as serving through my art has been my calling since childhood.

If I’m not drawing or writing…
I’m probably meditating, running, dancing, or spending time in nature with my dog Odie.

Creating art continues to play an important part in navigating the challenges of living with PTSD and Bi-Polar Disorder.

I hope that by sharing my journey, I can help others who are also struggling to see that it is possible to transmute difficult experiences into something beautiful.


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